Wife says fourth victim shot in Memphis shooting spree is on

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – More than a week after the fourth victim who was seen shot live on Facebook in last week’s terrifying Memphis shooting rampage, Rodolfo Berger’s wife recounts what led up to the moment and how he’s healing.

63-year-old Rodolfo Berger has been recovering in the ICU at Regional One for nine days.

His wife, who did not want to be identified, said that the good news is he’s in stable condition.

But she said the memory of that evil act left her questioning why.

“First, I asked, who would do that to such a nice guy, a hard-working guy that, you know, does anything for anybody?” said Rodolfo’s wife.

Rodolfo Berger’s wife said she’ll never have the answers as to why someone would have it in their heart to try to kill anyone, even a complete stranger.

“It’s hard to believe that somebody could have so much hate in their heart,” said Rodolfo’s wife.

She said that Wednesday, Rodolfo left their family-owned catering shop just after 5 p.m. to go pick up a car part at AutoZone on Jackson Ave.

But shortly after him leaving, the call she received left her in shock.

“Some guy in Spanish tells me hurry, your husband got shot in the stomach, and I said I was going to hang up,” she said. “I said y’all playing a prank on me. He says no, you need to come on, your husband got shot in the stomach.”

Rodolfo’s wife quickly rushed to the scene. But he was already en route to Regional One, suffering from one gunshot wound in the abdomen. She said doctors immediately started live-saving surgery.

“They had to take some of his intestines out, and it is lodged on the left side. It entered on the right side. They did not remove the bullet because they said it would do more bad damage,” said Rodolfo’s wife.

Rodolfo is now walking and in physical therapy. His wife said the continued support and prayer cards from the Holy Rosary, the community, and even overseas have kept Rodolfo in high spirits.

“Strangers text me and email saying we are praying for your husband; I mean people that I’ve have never heard of. The Hispanic community here loves him, and all his friends at the restaurant call me and pray, so there’s been a lot of support and outpour,” said Rodolfo’s wife.

Rodolfo is expected to make a full recovery and be released from the hospital in 3 weeks. Just in time to celebrate his 64th birthday, October 12th.

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