Where to Find Physical Therapy Practices in Hoboken + Jersey

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just need a check-in, knowing where to find a reliable physical therapist near you can make all the difference. Physical therapy can help heal injuries, build strength, and prevent future injuries. Through exercises, icing, heating, massage, stim therapy, and more, various treatments have been known to provide relief to so many people — and we’ve rounded up where you can find help in Hudson County. Read on for a list of where to find physical therapy practices in Hoboken and Jersey.

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Excel Physical Therapy | 333 15th Street, Suite 2B, Hoboken + 201 Marin Boulevard, Jersey City

Excel Physical Therapy focuses on getting you back to where you want to be, whether you’re recovering from surgery, healing from an injury, or trying to kick your chronic pain. Plus, the Hoboken office is a member of the HSS Rehabilitation Network. Here, you’ll find services that cater to hands, spines, hips, concussion recovery, injury prevention, balance improvement, and more — and the practice emphasizes that you don’t need a prescription for physical therapy anymore, though the team will let you know if they think you should see a physician.

Excel Physical Therapy Hours: 7AM to 8PM

Exchange Physical Therapy Group Jersey City I 200 Hudson St Suite 127, Jersey City + 133 Monroe Street, Hoboken

Exchange Physical Therapy Group Jersey City is located 0.2 miles away from the Exchange Place PATH station so it’s very easy to get to without a car. If you do decide to drive in, it has free parking validation at SP+ Parking nearby and there’s free parking on Hudson Street. It’s also the largest physical therapy center in Jersey City at 3,500 square feet, so there’s more space for you to get what you need out of the facilities. Here is a list of the services that are offered at Exchange Physical Therapy Group JC:

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Pre + Post-Surgery Rehab
  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Vestibular
  • Pelvis Health

There’s also a location in Hoboken at 133 Monroe Street.

Exchange Physical Therapy Group Jersey City Hours: 6:30 AM – 8PM Monday through Friday, 8AM – 12PM Saturday

Hudson Family Chiropractic + Physical Therapy | 51 Newark Street # 203, Hoboken + 1317 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

Hudson Family Chiropractic + PT’s Newark Street location is in the same building as Starbucks, so you can treat yourself after any session. The team caters its care to each individual patient, helping everyone with joint pain, back pain, neck pain, whiplash, strains + sprains, any most other physical conditions you may be facing. The practice has physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, pelvic floor physical therapy, and much more. It also, of course, has experienced chiropractors on staff.

Hudson Family Chiropractic + Physical Therapy Hours: 8AM – 7PM Monday to Friday, 8:30AM – 1PM Saturday

Hudson Pro Orthopaedics | 1320 Adams Street, Hoboken

Hudson Pro has a focus on sports medicine. Any sports-related injury or bodily problem you may have, this is the place to go. On top of orthopedics, pain management, sports medicine, and robotic surgery, Hudson Pro also has physical therapy. The goal of physical therapy here is to help get you well enough to return to your usual sports + activity — or, as the team says, to get you back in the game.

Hudson Pro Orthopaedics Hours: 9AM – 6PM, Monday through Friday

Hudson Sport & Spine | 70 Hudson Street, Suite 2B, Hoboken

This medical practice specializes in non-surgical treatment of spine and joint pain and has physical therapy, chiropractic care, and pain management. Some services offered here include advanced sports medicine, active + passive physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. The team works to personalize care since every patient is different — and the HG team can attest to how great the services are.

Hudson Spot & Spine Hours: 11AM – 7:30PM Monday through Thursday, 10AM – 6PM Friday, 9AM – 1PM Saturday.

In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy of New Jersey

This family-run, in-home pediatric organization is located wherever you are located because this organization is based on at-home care. Dr. Giselle Tadros, the founder of In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy of New Jersey, and her team of physical therapists service families all over New Jersey and New York and they have 9 PTs currently working for families in JC + Hoboken. This organization will work with you, your home, and your family’s schedule to create a plan for your child’s treatment and success. If you’re unsure if your child could benefit from their services, In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy of New Jersey has a list of symptoms or behaviors to help tell if your child needs a little extra help.

Fun fact: Dr. Giselle and her husband, Amir, used to live in JC and have created such a strong network there that now 50% of their total clientele comes from the JC + Hoboken area.

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy I Multiple Locations

Ivy Rehab has 3 locations throughout Hoboken and Jersey City, and its JC facility is located about four blocks away from the Grove Street Path station. It offers over 40 different treatment options for its patients. From concussion management, to post-offer employment testing, to a plethora of neurological disorders — chances are that if you need physical therapy for something, Ivy Rehab has a treatment program for it. It also offers telehealth appointments on the website. While it does accept workers compensation, you might need to call ahead to find out if Ivy accepts your insurance.

There are locations in Hoboken at 79 Hudson St. Suite 402 and 608 Washington Street. There’s also a Jersey City location at 254 Newark Avenue. Hours vary based on location, so be sure to check with each spot.

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy | 1199 Hudson Street, Hoboken + 100 Town Square Place, Suite 403, Jersey City

Yet another physical therapy practice with locations in both Hoboken and Jersey City, JAG-ONE is convenient no matter where you’re located. It features orthopedic physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports therapy. The goal of JAG-ONE is to help patients get back their mobility and figure out how to live without pain. The team specializes in back, knee, foot, ankle, hip, shoulder, wrist/hand, elbow, and knee pain. You can expect a variety of different treatments here, like cryotherapy, stim therapy, or massage — all chosen to fit the needs of the patient.

Hours vary based on location for JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Hours, so be sure to check with each facility.

Jump Ahead Pediatrics I 35 Journal Square Plaza, Suite 610, Jersey City

Located in Journal Square, this pediatric physical therapy organization is great for kids who need a little help. Jump Ahead Pediatrics offers at-home, remote, + in-clinic services for children of all ages in need of physical therapy, occupational therapy +/or speech therapy. They also partner with public and private schools so that kids can get the help and assistance they need outside of the clinic, too. Jump Ahead Pediatrics also has services for children who are navigating autism, ADHD, learning delays + developmental disabilities, + hypersensitivity. 

Jump Ahead Pediatrics Hours: 10AM – 7:30PM Monday through Friday, 10AM – 2PM Saturday

Kessler Rehabilitation | 200 Washington Street, Hoboken

For any orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions, Kessler is a great choice — and it has locations all around New Jersey. Whether you’re suffering from a sports- or work-related injury, struggle with balance, or have been battling arthritis, Kessler aims to heal and help — and it features a variety of different therapy types to ensure you are getting the help you need.

Kessler Rehabilitation Hours: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00AM – 1:00PM Tuesday and Friday, 10:00AM – 8:00PM Thursdays

Orlando Physical Therapy | 1321 Washington Street, Hoboken

Orlando Physical Therapy attempts to tackle wellness from every angle and has physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage. Plus, Orlando has telehealth services that don’t require a prescription or any out-of-pocket payment — so you can get treatment right from the comfort of your own home. Orlando is also an  in-network participating provider for anyone on the City of Hoboken Group Health plan. Orlando PT helps with orthopedic and sports therapy, pediatric physical therapy, pregnancy and post-partum therapy, TMJ disorder, and more.

Orland Physical Therapy Hours: 10AM – 7PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Professional Physical Therapy | 5 Marine View Plaza Suite 405, Hoboken

For vestibular, hand, TMJ, and physical therapy, Professional Physical Therapy has you covered. The facility is open on different days depending on whether you need occupational therapy, ensuring that everyone on staff is well-versed in whatever your needs may be. For occupational therapy, this spot is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11AM to 7PM and Friday 9AM to 5PM.

Professional Physical Therapy Hours for PT: 7AM to 8PM Monday through Friday, Saturday 8AM – 12PM

Pursue Physical Therapy & Performance Training | 80 River Street Suite 2E, Hoboken

Pursue has both physical therapy and performance training, if you want to go right from healing to strengthening and getting yourself back to peak health. This spot is specifically great for the athletes out there. If you’re looking for therapy for runners, golf therapy, or more generalized sports therapy, Pursue has options for you.

Pursue Physical Therapy & Performance Training Hours: 7AM – 9PM Monday to Thursday, 7AM – 8PM Friday

Spear Physical Therapy | 111 Washington Street, Hoboken

After successfully opening over 20 locations throughout New York City, Spear recently opened its first location in New Jersey. This Hoboken practice is a brand-new, modern clinic with a team of medical professionals who are enthusiastic about caring for the community in Hudson County. There’s physical therapy, occupational therapy, post-Covid therapy, and pelvic floor therapy, to name a few.

Spear Physical Therapy Hours: 7AM – 8PM Monday through Friday

The Spine & Sports Health Center | 121 Newark Ave Suite 300, Jersey City + 720 Monroe St C208, Hoboken

With locations in Hoboken, Jersey City, and even Bayonne, Spine & Sports Health truly has Hudson County covered. For those experiencing back, neck, or any type of joint pain, The Spine & Sports Health Center is a great place to go for a non-surgical option. With an emphasis on proper diagnosis, the team of medical professionals works to resolve the root issue instead of just treating symptoms. There’s pain management therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and more — all designed to help you live a pain-free life.

Hours vary based on location, so be sure to check with each facility.

SportsCare Physical Therapy I 550 Newark Avenue STE 403, Jersey City + 70 Hudson Street, Suite 2-1, Hoboken

SportCare has an expansive network of facilities all over New Jersey, including locations in Jersey City + Hoboken. While the name SportsCare sounds like it is sports injury focused, this organization offers a wide variety of physical therapies and occupational therapies like hand therapy, pediatric therapy, women’s health, TMJ services, aquatic therapy, + more. When it comes to more generalized physical therapy needs, SportsCare also specializes in worker’s compensation rehab, general orthopedics, joint replacements, + all-around aches and pains. On the easy-to-use website, you can request an appointment + even request telehealth appointments (if you feel more comfortable with a remote appointment).

SportsCare Hours: 7:30 AM – 8PM, Monday through Friday

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Strulowitz & Gargiulo – Twin Boro Physical Therapy | 1 Nardone Place, Jersey City

Twin Boro has locations through New Jersey and consistently have kind, knowledgeable, and helpful physical therapists. According to the website, the Jersey City location “is the longest-running private physical therapy & certified hand therapy practice in Hudson County, having served residents in the area for 42 years.” This partnership between Strulowitz & Gargiulo and Twin Boro happened in 2019, and the practice has been going strong since. As for services, it has a long list of all sorts of problems it can help with — from from back, neck, shoulder, and knee problems to strains, sprains, and stroke rehabilitation.

Strulowitz & Gargiulo Twin Boro Hours: 7AM – 8PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7AM – 6PM Tuesday, 7AM – 5PM Friday, 8AM – 12PM Saturday

Top Choice PT + Wellness I 3363 John F. Kennedy Blvd, 1st Floor, Jersey City

Top Choice PT + Wellness is located right at the corner of Leonard Gordon Park in JC. Top Choice offers a wide array of therapy types for different conditions or diagnoses. For example you (with the help of your physical therapist) can choose between these treatments + more to get you the best results:

  • Manual therapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Therapy for sports injuries
  • Kinesio taping
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Geriatric physical therapy
  • Neuromuscular ReEducation
  • Deep Muscle Stimulation Therapy
  • Joint Mobilization

Its website also explicitly states that there are treatments to help people recover from auto accidents and other work-related injuries, too.

Top Choice PT + Wellness Hours: 9AM – 8PM Monday through Friday, 9AM – 2PM Saturday

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Total Orthopedics Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation I 50 Harrison Street, Hoboken

Total Orthopedics is located 0.3 miles away from the 2nd Street Light Rail Station. That being said, if you choose to drive there, you’ll almost certainly find street parking. Most of the services that it boasts are focused on general physical therapy treatments + sports rehab. Total Orthopedics offers help with conditions like pre/post surgical rehab, tendonitis, back/neck pain, herniated disks + running injuries. It also offers services for pediatric orthopedic injuries.

Total Orthopedics Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Hours: 9AM – 8PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12PM – 8PM Tuesday, Thursday.

Ubeat Physical Therapy | 84 Willow Avenue #1FL, Hoboken

At Ubeat, the team believes in integrating both physical therapy and massage to help speed up recovery. It focuses on a range of different body parts, from neck and shoulder pain, to elbow and wrist pain, to back and pelvic pain. Mixing physical therapy care with medical massage ultimately aims to help reduce swelling and stiffness as well as control pain + promote wellness.

Ubeat Physical Therapy Hours: 10AM – 7PM, Monday – Saturday

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