Tools for Surgery: Powered Surgical Instruments

Tools for Surgery: Powered Surgical Instruments : Powered surgical instruments have a very unique role in the operation room. They reduce the time of surgical procedures by providing functionality and consistent performance in the same. Proper care and handling of powered surgical instruments minimizes the risk of injury of patients.

The term “powered surgical instruments’ provides the description for instruments powered by an external source. These power equipment used in surgery includes a wide variety that utilizes different power sources. Thus, on the basis of external source, they are segmented into electrical, pneumatic or battery operated, compressed medical gasses, etc. Various examples of power equipment are reamers, drills, screwdrivers, and saws used by orthopedics and certain neurosurgeons. Craniotomies, drills, and perforators are used by neurosurgeons. Dermatomes are used by plastic and general surgeons for skin grafts, and sternal saws are used by thoracic surgeons to cut the sternum.

What are the benefits of powered surgical instruments?

· Ergonomics & Health: They are uniquely designed to improve ergonomic issues for surgeons, by providing a doctor with better accessibility during procedures. They have powered handpiece that reduces the number of repetitive motions or overuse injuries.

· Speed and Efficiency: The application of these instruments offers a potential timesaving for each screw implant. During deformity procedures, it is very beneficial.

· Accuracy: These instruments provide accuracy during pedicle preparation and screw delivery that reduce off-axis motion associated with these instruments.

These instruments are helping surgeons in many ways, but they also have certain disadvantages, like lack of trained professionals and insufficient quality checks of these instruments. These are factors hindering the growth of this market.

A report by a market research firm estimates double-digit growth rate for Global Powered Surgical Instruments Market estimated to become a market worth of USD XX million in 2022.

International organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), have highlighted surgery as an important component of the global health development. Currently, surgical procedures are evolving rapidly, within a highly technical healthcare environment. The global powered market is witnessing transformative and innovate advancements, especially in terms of design, compactness, and performance. Low- and middle-income countries have been expanding their economies and enhancing their basic public health amenities.

Hurdles for Powered Surgical Instruments Market: Breaches in equipment sterilization and high-level disinfection processes can result in outbreaks of HIV, hepatitis B and C, as well as the transmission of bacterial infecting agents. In many instances, the problem is long-standing, and the true scope of the problem is not known until there is an outbreak or the CDC is called in, because the contamination is out of control. Facilities that undergo an outbreak or shut-down also have repercussions from bad publicity, loss of business, and damage to the organization’s reputation.

Way Ahead: These powered surgical instruments are showing lucrative growth in the developing countries, such as India, China which has encouraged the demand for these surgical procedures to improve aesthetic appeal. Hence, the powered surgical instrument market is penetrating in the developing countries.