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What Is Neuro-Balance Therapy? How does this therapy work? Does it work for all? Does FDA approve it? What is its price? You will find answers to these questions in this Neuro-Balance Therapy Review.

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Falling and losing balance in old age is very dangerous for life. According To Hard and Cambridge, 28000 old aged men and women in the year die due to slipping or falling. The leading cause of this falling and slipping is the foot’s sleeping nerve, which is 97% responsible for all trips and falls. It is necessary to repair this sleeping nerve to get stability and balance in the foot.

Medical professional shows that 2.8 million people are getting surgery and physical therapy due to slipping or falling, and last year this industry made over $43.5 billion. Therefore it is a billion-dollar industry, and you should look for ways to eliminate them.

This Neuro-Balance Therapy Program contains a 10-second ritual method that revives your dead nerves in the foot.

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What Is Neuro-Balance Therapy Program All About?

People having poor balance and instability get frustrated with their life as they cannot go out because of fear of falling or tripping, which may cause serious injuries.

Many people think that taking medicines or pills may solve their problems, but it is not true as these are pain-relieving pills. They will give temporary relief but don’t solve the main issue, a dead nerve in the foot.

Neuro-Balance Therapy helps you save from trips and falls as it uses natural techniques to improve balance and stability in the foot and give you the strength to walk long. So, it is also called a balance-strengthening program.

Neuro-Balance Therapy comes in DVD format, containing exercises and stretches which will develop foot balancing ability and prevent unexpected fall or slip by wakening up the dead nerves in the foot.

You will also get Spike Ball with this DVD to do exercises at home and don’t need to go to the gym to perform these activities. Doing exercises on a spike ball as instructed for 14 days helps you to gain strength in the foot, which improves the walking style and eliminates the fear of falling or tripping.

With these exercises, you can save lots of money by avoiding surgeries, professional therapist fees, doctor fees, and the side effects of pills and medicine.

By maintaining foot balance, you never feel dizziness or vertigo.

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How Does This Program Work?

Neuro-Balance Therapy rejuvenates the peroneal nerve, which improves muscle contraction and strengthens foot muscle.

These exercises primarily focus on the peroneal nerve to make a strong connection between mind and body to improve balance and steadiness.

You only need to do these exercises with the help of a spike ball every morning for 10 seconds to awaken sleeping nerves in the foot.

These ritual techniques and exercises take approximately 14 to 30 days to show results, but it varies as some take longer than others to get results.

You can do these stretches on spike ball everywhere while watching TV, playing games, or using a smartphone. It will take only a few minutes of your daily routine and give enough strength to your foot muscles to go out for jogging and other social activities.

Neuro-Balance Therapy stretches and exercises are made in a manner that they are doable at home without going to the gym or need of a physical trainer. By doing these stretches, people feel more comfortable while walking or running.

These exercises improve balance, strengthen foot muscles, feel independent while going out, and eliminate the fear of slipping or falling.

These exercises boost muscle flexibility and strength and improve posture while sleeping, standing, or sitting.

About Chris Wilson

The person behind Neuro-Balance Therapy is Chris Wilson. He is not a doctor but a certificated balance specialist. He helped many clients to eliminate the fear of falling and gave strength to their legs and feet by increasing foot-balance stability.

In his book, he revealed MaryAnne’s story, which motivates him to make a nerve-awaken spike ball. He wanted to see its result, so he distributed 100 spike balls to different men and women over 60 age and told them to do a 10-second ritual exercise with this spike ball for 14 days.

After 14 days, 96% of men and women reported feeling stronger in their legs, which helped them overcome the fear of slipping.

With this Chris Wilson’s Neuro-Balance Therapy Program, you can also strengthen your foot and increase mobility.

What Is Included Inside The Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is created for seniors who are above 60 age and have balance, instability, and fear of falling problems. We cannot find the actual cause of balance, but we can treat these balance disorders naturally with this program.

When you buy Neuro-Balance Therapy, you will get a DVD and a spike ball for performing exercises.

This DVD includes simple and easy stretching and movement exercises that you can perform at home without using expensive equipment. You can perform these stretching exercises efficiently even if you are new to exercise or have never gone to the gym. You can copy the videos in this DVD format on your PC/smartphone/office computer and start performing these exercises while watching them.

This DVD is specially designed by Chris Wilson, an expert with many years of experience strengthening leg and foot muscles.

The main thing about this program is that these exercises can be performed by anyone, even if you are a beginner, gym trainer, or athlete. These stretches will improve flexibility and strengthen muscles.

You also get spike ball with this program. Chris designed his spike ball because he was searching for a simple exercise ball that would activate one important body nerve, releasing tension and stress so people can improve foot balancing. So, he decided to make his spike ball with the latest technology for awakening dead nerves in the foot.

This spike ball is not only a rubber ball but is made up of crystallized spikes to revive dead nerves in the foot. Continuously doing these exercises with a spike ball increases durability, and the body gets relaxation.

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Cost Of Neuro-Balance Therapy

If you are thinking of buying this program after reading my Neuro-Balance Therapy Review, I suggest you buy this program from the official site because they are offering two packages at a discounted rate which no other online store provides.

Furthermore, if you don’t like this program, you can go to their official site and apply for a refund, as they have a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee policy. Remember, you can only become eligible for this refund policy when you buy from the official store.

Package 1: Physical DVD With Spike Ball for $47 plus shipping

In this package, you only get one physical DVD, spike ball, and direct access to the digital version.

Package 2: Physical DVD With Spike Ball X2 for $77 plus shipping

You will get two spike balls and a physical DVD in this package. You can do these stretching exercises with your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, etc., so you don’t get bored while performing activities alone.

Moreover, you will also get two gifts as a bonus from the author with both packages.

Free Bonuses

You will get two free bonuses when buying any package.

Chris also includes two free books to protect people from falls or slips.

This book costs $97, but you will get it free with Neuro-Balance Therapy Program. It includes information and techniques to make your house fall-proof by protecting places where most falls and slips happen.

The DVD video of this program focus on the exercise of activating dead nerve in the foot, and this book removes the fear of falling at home, whether you are alone or with someone.

This book contains 20 tips and a checklist to make your home safe and secure from causing falls or trips. It also include some tips on improving eyesight like taking eye vitamins.

You can also get directly excess to the digital version because sometimes delivery takes time. So Chris is offering this digital version without any charges. This digital version includes two pdfs, a handbook, and an exercise guide. You can download it and start reading tips and techniques to revoke dead nerves and strengthen your foot muscles, enabling you to walk a longer distance.

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  • These exercises are divided into three levels: beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. So every people can do it according to their fitness level.

  • This Neuro-Balance Therapy is a simple and quick treatment method to gain control of foot balancing, stability, and strength.

  • These stretching exercises are so easy that 11 years old child can do them.

  • It will naturally revive dead nerves in the foot and strengthen foot muscles.

  • This program can solve balancing problems without any medicine or pill. Painkillers make your immune system and other body parts weak.

  • You can do these simple, easy-to-follow stretching exercises at home without going to the gym.

  • You can do these stretches on your own without any fitness coach.

  • You can use these exercises with balance supplements like Claritox Pro.

  • These exercises are also for athletes to recover or restore their damaged muscles.

  • These exercises also support various body functions such as losing stomach fat, improving posture, losing hips, increasing strength, improving muscle mass, and other health benefits.

  • It is also available in a digital version, so the user can download and start using it from the date of purchase.


  • Results vary significantly in men and women. Some can benefit from it within a few weeks of using it, and some get results after using it for 1 to 2 months.

  • This program is only available on their official website.

  • You have only 60 days to try it. After 60 days, you cannot apply for a refund as per the official website.

  • You can only perform these exercises through a spike ball. So, if the spike ball gets damaged, you must rebuy it.

Final Few Words

Many studies confirm that the leading cause of falling and tripping is the sleeping nerve in the foot, which we can activate by this program to get stability and balance in the foot.

Falling or slipping is an old age problem but younger people also get this problem due to underlying medical conditions, injuries, or accidents.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Program is designed to treat food imbalance, revive peroneal nerves, make a strong connection between body and mind, improve overall health, increase stamina, and overcome other balancing problems. It makes you again stand on your feet without the fear of slipping.

It works by trigging dead nerves to restore balance in the foot and prevent falling which causes dead or other health disorders.

These spike ball exercises can be done in the morning while watching your favorite shows. These 10-minute exercises make bone incredibly strong, which you can feel while running or walking.

I think it is a risk-free investment as the program offers a 100% money-back guarantee. You have 60 days to try and refund it if you don’t like it.

The discount period is still running; you can get it for only $47, which is cheaper than any professional health care or physical therapist fees.

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