Here is what you need to know about ‘National Minority

(WBNG) — Spreading awareness for mental health is always important, and this month people around the nation are celebrating National Minority Mental Health Month.

According to the National Health Council the event was formally known as the “BeBe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month” after its founder BeBe Moore Campbell in 2008.

In efforts to bring awareness to the challenges some racial and ethnic minority groups face regarding mental health, some of those challenges include the obstacles racial and ethnic minority groups face in accessing needed care.

Nancy Williams, Commissioner of Broome County Social Services and Mental health says studies have shown minorities are less likely to be diagnosed with mental health conditions partly due to the negative stigma of seeking help.

“I believe for the minority population we have to make sure that were addressing care in a culturally competent manor that providers are trained to understand whats involved with treating a diverse population so that all people feel comfortable reaching out and accessing mental health treatment” said Nancy Williams.

She said although the stress of COVID has impacted many across the globe, it hit minority groups harder.

Williams said the mental health of some racial and ethnic minority groups has worsened since the start of the pandemic relative to that of non-Hispanic white people.

“If you’re already in a marginalized population and you’re already not able to access care for a variety of reasons and now you have this other major source of stress such as COVID 19 that’s important”.

She said many people are unaware of this national holiday, and it important to raise awareness and educate people about this in order to start conversations about this important topic and shows people they are not alone.

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