Love Your Heart, Rebuild Your Spirit

Love Your Heart, Rebuild Your Spirit : The sense of betrayal and rejection can get so intense that some people question their very presence and worth in this life. That is why one of the most difficult realisations is that your struggle and pain can be only temporary, like a woman’s pain during childbirth. If you ache with the pain

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The Brain, The Ego & The Mind

The Brain, The Ego & The Mind : Do you know how intimately connected we are to our body and mind? The energy that keeps us alive, where does it come from? When it leaves the body, the body dies. Where does this energy go?

Most of us are involved in our daily routine of living and surviving on this

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The Pros and Cons of Online Therapy

Online therapy, mental health treatment conducted over the internet by a mental health counselor, has been an effective and convenient option for years. However, in these days of COVID restricted societies, it has become more of a necessity than an option, that has required a certain amount of adjustment for both clients and counselors.

As a psychologist who has worked

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