Mental health outcomes are worse in the bush, partly because

A mother in rural NSW once told me about a devastating conversation she’d had with her 18-year-old son, Callum*. Callum was scared his depression would never be bad enough for him to commit suicide.

Things wouldn’t get better, he was sure, but what if they also didn’t get worse? He’d be trapped in purgatory, condemned to suffer without the acuity

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‘Role overload’: the mental health burden of being a woman |

Virginia Richards has always been proactive about her mental health. But the pandemic – and years of juggling paid work and responsibilities at home – have taken their toll.

In 2021 she suffered a relapse of her anxiety, depression and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, which she had developed years earlier after being glassed in the face at work. She was

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What will we learn from the period of mourning for the Queen

In the strange, wild days after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, when heaps of flowers rotted in their plastic outside town halls across the country and the Daily Mail vowed never again to print a paparazzi photo, Gallup conducted a poll to ask Britons to quantify just how upset they were. Half of all respondents – and

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Botox patients should undergo mental health screening,

People seeking cosmetic injections such as botox or filler treatments should undergo compulsory mental health screening in order to stop vulnerable patients worsening pre-existing psychological conditions and increasing their risk of self harm, experts say.

Calls for clinicians to be trained to conduct psychological assessments come amid demands for greater regulation of the cosmetic injectables industry after Guardian Australia reported

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FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Two New

Our nation’s young people are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. Even before the pandemic, rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts among youth were on the rise. The pandemic exacerbated those issues, disrupting learning, relationships, and routines and increasing isolation – especially among our nation’s young people. More than 40 percent of teenagers state that they struggle with persistent

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Here is what you need to know about ‘National Minority

(WBNG) — Spreading awareness for mental health is always important, and this month people around the nation are celebrating National Minority Mental Health Month.

According to the National Health Council the event was formally known as the “BeBe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month” after its founder BeBe Moore Campbell in 2008.

In efforts to bring awareness to

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