10 Astaxanthin Supplements

Astaxanthin Supplements Maintaining a healthy body from the bad effects of free radicals is very important to do. Not only from the outside, maintaining healthy skin and body from the inside is also very important. In addition to the vitamin supplements the body needs, astaxanthin is also a good antioxidant supplement.

This supplement can not only maintain a healthy body, but can also maintain healthy skin.

Its content can make the skin healthier and avoid signs of aging.

Astaxanthin supplement function

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant supplement that is commonly consumed to maintain healthy eyes, skin and heart. This supplement is able to overcome inflammation and boost the immune system. Astaxanthin is a type of supplement that is sold freely without a doctor’s prescription. However, consumption must still be according to instructions to minimize side effects.

Astaxanthin supplement recommendations

Here are several types of astaxanthin supplements that you can try:

Astar-C Caplets

is an astaxanthin supplement that functions to increase body resistance as well as ward off disease-causing free radicals. This supplement contains 4 mg of astaxanthin and 300 mg of vitamin C. The formula is useful for boosting the immune system. Its antioxidant content is able to ward off free radicals, accelerate wound healing, and help restore the body’s condition after illness. You can take this supplement once a day before or after meals. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should first consult your doctor before taking Astar-C supplements.


Astatin is an astaxanthin supplement that is useful for maintaining a healthy body. This supplement contains natural astaxanthin which is high in antioxidants to maintain heart health. Its content can also overcome inflammation, improve skin function, overcome wrinkles, to digestive disorders, muscle pain, and high cholesterol. Astatin supplements contain 4 mg of astaxanthin which can be taken 1-2 capsules per day. Make sure to take the supplement according to the directions on the package.

Natur-E Advanced Soft Capsule

Maintain healthy skin not only from the outside but also from within. You can start maintaining healthy skin from within by consuming supplements for beauty, such as astaxanthin. You can get the benefits of astaxanthin for skin health by regularly consuming Natur-E Advanced Soft Capsule.

This is a vitamin E supplement that is useful for maintaining healthy skin, preventing signs of aging, as well as reducing fine lines. Apart from containing astaxanthin and vitamin E, there is also lycopene which can help moisturize, brighten, and keep the skin elastic so it looks youthful. You can take this supplement 1 capsule per day and drink it after eating.


Renewskin is a health supplement that contains astaxanthin, marine collagen, grape seeds, and other natural ingredients specially formulated to maintain healthy skin from signs of aging, dullness, dark spots, pimples and wrinkles. The content in it is also useful for fighting free radicals to maintain healthy cells in the body. As a result, the skin becomes more youthful, wrinkle free, and looks healthy. You can take 1 tablet 2 times a day after meals.

Asthin Force

The best astaxanthin supplement recommendation that you can try to maintain a healthy body is Asthin Force. This supplement is available in several variants, namely in the form of gels and capsules. The benefits of Asthin Force astaxanthin supplements are numerous, starting from making the body fitter and healthier, preventing free radicals that cause disease, protecting the skin and tissues in the body, to improving sleep quality. This supplement can also help overcome cognitive problems, such as Alzheimer’s, overcome metabolic syndrome, overcome neurological diseases, to strokes, and high cholesterol. You can take this drug 1 capsule per day preferably after eating.


Astria supplements are useful for boosting the body’s immune system so that it is not susceptible to disease. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, the ingredients in this supplement are also beneficial for maintaining healthy skin, from preventing signs of premature aging, treating acne, to fighting dull skin.

The content of astaxanthin in it can help ward off free radicals that can damage healthy cells. This supplement is highly recommended for those of you who are active outside the home, often exposed to sunlight, dust, pollution, and cigarette smoke. You can take this supplement 1 capsule per day after eating.

Collastin Beauty

The high content of antioxidants in astaxanthin can fight the harmful effects of free radicals which can cause signs of aging. You can get these benefits by consuming various beauty supplements that contain astaxanthin, such as Collastin Beauty. This supplement is not only useful for fighting signs of aging, but also contains collagen, vitamin C, vitamin A, and silicon which can maintain skin elasticity and overcome various skin problems such as acne to dull skin. You can take 1-2 capsules per day for the best results. It is recommended to take this supplement after meals.

NOW Astaxanthin Extra Strength 10 mg Softgel

This supplement contains high levels of astaxanthin, which is twice the usual supplement up to 10 mg. Its content is useful for protecting the body from the effects of free radicals and helps maintain a healthy body from disease. The astaxanthin content helps more effectively to maintain a healthy body and skin. Not only can it prevent various diseases, but it can also make the body healthier, fitter and protected from various skin problems. You can take this supplement 1 capsule per day after eating.

Asthin B-OND

Asthin B-OND supplements are astaxanthin supplements specifically recommended for people with a high risk of exposure to free radicals, such as cigarette smoke, obesity, excessive exercise, to people who work in areas with high exposure to UV rays. This supplement contains 4 mg of astaxanthin and 10 mg of melon extract. The content in it can help maintain healthy skin and heart health in the long run.

Hemaviton Collagen Asta Advanced

One recommendation for a health drink that contains astaxanthin is Hemaviton Collagen Asta Advanced. This is a packaged beverage supplement that is formulated to increase endurance and maintain healthy skin. Inside Hemaviton Collagen Asta Advanced contains haematococcus pluvialis, collagen, vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene. Haematococcus pluvialis in this content is a species of green algae that can produce astaxanthin as a source of antioxidants for the body.

In addition, the content of vitamin C and fish collagen which reaches 1000 mg in it is also more effective for increasing body immunity, overcoming various problems in the skin, as well as speeding up the recovery process when sick. The benefit, not only the body becomes healthier but also the skin becomes more beautiful and nutritious.